Together We Promise to Get the Job Done...

Bright Promise Fund is calling on the business and corporate world in Chicago, city churches, foundations and individual donors to support the work of these schools.

These urban Christian schools build character, conviction and community. They give parents a clear choice for excellence in an often discouraging educational landscape. These schools give hope to their neighborhoods and promise to Chicagoland. Together—joined through the work of Bright Promise Fund—these schools are stronger in their work and witness and give proof to the power of Christian education in Chicagoland.

The bright promise these schools offer will be realized with your help:

  • Giving a one-time gift
  • Promising to be a sustaining donor for a longer period of time
  • Remembering Bright Promise Fund in your estate planning; Bright Promise Fund is a member of the Barnabas Foundation, which provides free estate planning consultations
  • Adopting Bright Promise Fund for support by your church
  • Keeping Bright Promise Fund and its member schools in your prayers

Any and all of these options may be discussed with Bright Promise Fund Director, Dr. Dave Larsen.

Help us get funding through IIC at no cost to you! 

Investing in Communities (IIC)  allows individuals and businesses to connect with socially responsible real estate professionals who will donate to their clients' favorite nonprofits. By giving your business to socially responsible professionals, you can support Bright Promise Fund for free. 

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