Unity Christian Academy

Unity Christian Academy plans to open their doors to a freshman class in 2018. In 2014, clergy, business leaders, area elementary school leaders, parents and community leaders gathered to discuss the future of Christian high school options in the South Chicagoland Region.  All voices pointed in the same direction: there is a need for a redefined and redesigned Christian high school in this area.Excellent, innovative Christian schools are indispensable participants in shaping culture and restoring a broken world. Unity Christian Academy is committed to equipping students for college and career so that they can engage an increasingly diverse and rapidly changing world from a Christ-centered perspective.With this demand and a vision for something unlike other high school experiences, a Board of Directors was formed which represented a commitment to economic, social, ethnic, geographic and ecumenical diversity, a leadership version of what we hope for our student body. We have secured an opening location which provides a sound educational setting and excellent accessibility to most points of the South Chicagoland Region. The need for a redefined and redesigned high school is taking shape. UCA is poised to answer the need.

School Facts

Location: South Holland
Year Founded: 2017