Dave Larsen, Ph.D.



Dave is grateful for the blessing of Christian education in his life, his children’s lives and now the lives of his grandchildren. He began his professional career in youth ministry, served Trinity Christian College as Vice President for Student Development for nearly 20 years and Timothy Christian Schools as its Director of Development for 12 years. He is eager to see The Bright Promise Fund bless the schools it serves.

Dave is a graduate of Calvin College (B.A. English), Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Masters of Religious Education) and earned a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Loyola University Chicago.


Photo of Kristin Zandstra

Kristin Zandstra

Administrative Assistant

Kristin credits her Christ-centered moral foundation to Christian education, having attended Christian schools through college.  She is committed to the city, and has seen first-hand the effects of urban Christian education on her own children as they attend Daystar School.  Before staying home to raise her two daughters, Kristin served as Administrative Assistant to Anchor, a non-profit partnering with schools to create boarding programs for underserved youth in Brooklyn, New York.  Prior to working at Anchor, Kristin was a Portfolio Administrator for the Investment Management team at Mesirow Financial.

Kristin is a graduate of Calvin College and holds a B.A. in Art.  She is excited to be a part of Bright Promise Fund, and to aid in bringing education with a higher purpose to families in Chicago.