School Overview

In neighborhoods across Chicagoland, parents help their children get ready for another day of school. They check homework, tie shoelaces, zip jackets, gather snacks and backpacks and say their goodbyes. Because they love their children, they hope that they have made the right choice for their child’s education. They sacrifice their resources to support that choice.

In neighborhoods across Chicagoland, Christian schools open their doors for another day of school. Students fill these buildings for the greater portion of the day. Teachers gather the focus of their students, pray with them, scour learning resources with them and open up new worlds of imagination and service for them. Because they love these children and love their calling, they work in the hope that their school continues to find financial support for their passion and their school’s mission.

These schools are the schools Bright Promise Fund serves—schools that serve their communities and the city of Chicagoland by equipping a combined total of over 3000 students to excel in their educational studies and fulfill their individual calling as a child of Christ.