Pui Tak Christian School

Pui Tak Christian School (PTCS) is a unique Christian preschool and elementary school located in the heart of Chicago‚Äôs Chinatown. PTCS is one of only a few Christian private schools in the nation that serve a predominately Chinese population and the only one of its kind in the Midwest. PTCS first opened as a preschool in 1953 and expanded to include elementary grades. The core mission of the school is to serve Chinese immigrant families in adjusting to their new culture while presenting them with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Seventy percent of Chinatown residents are new immigrants, thus making PTCS truly a missional outreach in its community.  In the preschool, 83 percent of the students are from non-Christian families and 65 percent of elementary students are from non-Christian families. PTCS, which has a current enrollment of 150, also seeks to create an educational environment that encourages students to develop exceptional character traits and admirable social skills through a quality academic program.

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School Facts

Location: Chinatown
Year Founded: 1953
Enrollment: 150 students in preschool-8th grade
Affiliation: Chinese Christian Union Church (non-denominational)