New Life Celebration Christian Academy

It is the mission of New Life Celebration Christian Academy to prepare students to successfully master the issues and the realities of life by developing their Academic, Social, and Spiritual potential, all from the foundation of the Word of God.New Life Celebration Christian Academy has high spiritual and academic standards, that include the development of the whole person spiritually, mentally, socially, physically and emotionally. The school is consistent with its approach to spiritual matters as well as its alignment with New Life Celebration Church of God. The Philosophy of NLCCA is based on these concepts:

  • Children thrive in a nurturing environment which promotes a positive attitude towards God, Self, and Learning.
  • Learning is an active process, involving both physical and mental interaction with the learning environment.
  • Children fully understand and remember what they have learned when information is meaningful to them in the context of their experiences and development.
  • The development of the whole child must include activities which enhance spiritual, physical, cognitive, language, social, emotional, personal, and creative growth.
  • All children can be successful and should be provided opportunities to experience success. 
  • Racial, ethnic, and cultural differences enhance the learning environment and provide opportunities to learn about one’s own cultural heritage and tradition as well as those of other ethnic groups.


School Facts

Location: Dolton
Year Founded: 2005
Enrollment: 39
Affiliation: ACSI