Lansing Christian School

Lansing Christian School first opened its doors for students in a two-room school on September 16, 1907 in Munster, Indiana. Due to constant growth, two additional classrooms were added in 1914. That addition doubled the seating capacity of the school, as enrollment had increased from 56 to 124 students. Enrollment grew rapidly. The original building was expanded in 1914, but by 1924, the school was simply too small. Because enrollment continued to increase, the society approved a recommendation to build a new school in Lansing in 1939. An eight room, two story building was completed in August, 1942. The Munster property was sold, and the name of the school was changed from the Munster Christian School to Lansing Christian School.For decades, Lansing Christian School has served the Lansing community in its mission to train children, in cooperation with parents, in such a way that they, as fellow workers with God, can perform duties in this world to the glory of God, for their own well-being and for the welfare of others. 

School Facts

Location: Lansing
Year Founded: 1906
Enrollment: 230
Affiliation: CSI